We’re Building a House!

Yep, that’s right – we’re taking the plunge. Going off the deep end.

We’re building a house. I could write all of the details here, but why clutter up the place? Instead, we’re going to be chronicling our experience on a blog dedicated exclusively to the home building process. We may cross-post from time to time, but only to see if you’re really paying attention.

Now go check out the Dunkirk model home that we’re building with Ryan Homes in the Villages of Winding Creek (in Springboro, Ohio – but with a Centerville, Ohio address – go figure!).


Here’s a picture of what the Dunkirk looks like with Elevation L – photo credits go to Dunkirk Dream at http://dunkirkdream.blogspot.com/

Dunkirk Model - Elevation L
Dunkirk model from Ryan Homes (Elevation L)

Impressive Impression

I’m super impressed with how WordPress has evolved as a publishing platform for the web. I wish every application I used was as flexible yet still virtually maintenance-free. I know that most hard core coders will write this off, but WP really does provide a solid foundation for the stuff most noobs are looking to publish. Plus, even a little effort can really make a unique site that might not even look like it came from WP at all!

Back, again.

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve done something before? That sense of deja vu that really just makes you want to give up and move on to something else…anything else? I think I’ve started a blog on this website many, many, many times…but somehow, something always happens that forces me to wipe the whole thing and start all over.

Sometimes it’s caused by my own desire to move to the latest and greatest version of whatever tool I happen to be using at the time…Each time I get that urge, it usually results in a month-long ordeal where I’m trying to figure out what I screwed up in the process. It almost always culminates in wiping the slate clean and restarting from scratch. Tedious.

On other occasions, its the result of a combination of errors – missed backups, server faults, hardware failures…you name it, whatever can happen to screw this all up, usually does. But I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel,  there’s still a chance that this time, this time I’ll get it right and things will just work.

Stay tuned, maybe, just maybe, you’ll see some magic happen.